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finding ways to integrate the gospel

Carrying the good new of salvation to places we have not gone before: Reaching the masses where they are, Jesus is seen, heard and known. Matt 24:14

Teamwork, the foundation for great achievements

Remember, it’s not just about what we accomplish individually, but the collective impact we make together. Let’s foster an environment of collaboration, trust, and mutual support, where we celebrate each other’s victories in Jesus and learn from our challenges.

Department Head

Alfris Edwards

Working together under the leadership of the Holy Spirit is essential for achieving goals that are beyond the reach of any individual. Collaboration harnesses the diverse talents, skills, gifts and perspectives of team members, allowing for innovative solutions and more effective problem-solving. By pooling resources and expertise, teams can accomplish tasks more efficiently and overcome challenges with greater resilience. Moreover, collaboration fosters a sense of camaraderie and shared purpose, promoting morale and motivation among members. Ultimately, working together not only enhances productivity and growth but also cultivates a supportive and cohesive spiritual environment that benefits everyone involved.

Daniel Shaw

Audio Engineer

male African American model in white shirt

Ajani Simpson

Camera Operator

Black professional holding a camera.


Camera Operator

Ryan Charles

Production Assistant

Kajia Saul

Social Media Moderator

Kevon Kingston

ProPresenter Operator

Elisha Amadasu

Camera Operator

Alana Thomas

Camera Operator

Dellon Thomas

Director of Photography

Stefan Cowan

Camera Operator

Chad Francique

Camera Operator

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